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2007 Geocoin Poker Challenge - Midwest Geobash"World" Version

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Dimensions 2 inches tall, proportionally wide

Thickness 4.0mm

Finish Antique Bronze

Enameling Soft Enamel

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

The 2007 Geocoin Poker Challenge has evolved out of a Geocoin Poker game first held at the Midwest Geobash 2006 in Michigan. Since then, The Geocoin Club has formalized the concept into a Geocoin Poker tour. The tour made its first stop in 2007 in Temecula, CA for the 2007 GeocoinFest. The GeocoinFest was really the genesis of the Poker Challenge Tour concept.

This stop brings the Geocoin Poker Challenge full circle, back to its roots.  40 great players went head to head to win a share of the pot and the silver final table coins (200+!).  In the end, Avroair stuck in there with a cool head and prevailed! 

To read more about the Geocoin Poker Challenge, visit
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Add This Item To Your Cart Qty: Sold Out

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