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Permanence Geocoin - Guidelines Series

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Dimensions1.75 inches


FinishAntique Brass


Has IconYes

Second in our Guidelines series. A reminder to everyone: While this coin technically "sets in stone" the guidelines as written today - guidelines change over the years and it is very important for everyone to re-read them prior to posting a new Geocache.

This part of the series showcases the "Permanence Guideline" which requires that all caches placed be intended to have a permanence of at least 3 months under typical circumstances.

The guidelines, of course, go into more detail about this requirement. You can read some of the text of the guidelines on the reverse of this coin as an immortal reminder of the key component to the guideline.

For the more studious of you out there, you can view the full text of the guidelines at this web page:
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