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FTF Geocoin Version 2 - Blue

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Dimensions1.75 inches round


FinishShiny Silver

EnamelingImitation Hard


Has IconYes

A new version of our Version 2 of our previous and popular FTF Geocoin. ;)  The shiny silver / blue combination really make this coin beautiful.  You can clearly see the intricate metalwork underneath the translucent enamels.  It really is a treasure for your collection and anyone who bags a FTF for your cache and finds one of these tucked in there for them will certainly remember the reward!

This coin also features the design handiwork of Mr. Chris Mackey. A totally new and exciting design with lots of great detail. Metal detail with imitation hard enamel overlay sets off the overall design.

We all know that when the race has begun, the fastest way to get there to be FTF is as the crow flies. Another very nice design from Chris Mackey and a great FTF treat for all your cache finders.
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Add This Item To Your Cart Qty: Sold Out

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