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Pathtag Transporter - Black

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Dimensions1.75 inches round


FinishPolished Nickel

EnamelingImitation Hard


Has IconYes

The successor to the Pathtag Sherpa has arrived!  Available in two great colors to suit anyone's preference.  This great design by Mr. Chris Mackey is designed to draw the finder's eye to the prize feature of the coin - your Pathtag!

The center of the front face of the coin features a carved out area with an embedded magnet.  The coin comes standard with a "default" Pathtag (shown in main photo inset) which you can pop out and replace with your own personal Pathtag (as I have done with mine for the photo opp) which personalizes the coin and turns your Pathtag into a true traveler which can be tracked on just like any other Geocoin.  Finders who take our your tag and look at the reverse may also log the tag at

The polished nickel swirls draw the eye to the center and your own tag.  The color scheme and design work, while wonderfully attractive, are intentionally more subdued than the Sherpa coin to ensure your tag is showcased better.  Available in white or black schemes to suit the contrast needs of your tag. 

A must- have for any collection, another superior Mackey design.
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