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Moebius Satin Silver

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Dimensions2.0 inches across

Thickness4.0 mm

FinishSatin Silver

EnamelingImitation Hard Enamel


Has IconYes

Flavor Text from the Artist, Jackalgirl:

This coin is a moebius strip rendered flat. A moebius strip is any strip whose ends are joined except that a half-twist is introduced in the strip before the ends are joined. Thusly, a moebius strip can be said to have only one side; any inscription written on one is going to meet itself. Early representations of the Moebius strip were said to be linked with Ouroboros, the world snake endlessly eating its own tail. The inscriptions on this geocoin coin are meant to be infinitely repeating; the idea is that people may find different aspects of geocaching compelling, but the thing that is common to it all is the sheer fun of it.

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