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2006 Alberta Wild Rose Geocoin

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The 2006 Alberta Wild Rose Geocoin
A Unique Approach

This geocoin sale will be password protected for a certain amount of time so that Albertan's have an opportunity to purchase this geocoin.

The thanks for this geocoin belong to geocachers from all over Alberta and it has been a long and interesting journey. This geocoin is a synthesis and it is also the work of an individual artist. It is a geocoin defined like no other, by a wealth of understanding and love. The 2006 Alberta Geocoin Working Group has approached this task with joy and it is our general and ever present love of geocaching you see reflected here, for an Albertan this coin is a true gem. We tried to add some of Alberta's geocaching history to this coin. It is our sincere hope that Albertans love this geocoin, we tried to make a coin that celebrated our province and it's place in this new age of the hunt. The Wild Rose has ever been our flower and it's pink blossoms are a tribute to our geocaching pioneers. In fashioning the details we tried to add a little bit of our home and our hunting ground, Alberta. We put a lot of things into this coin and many of them are not readily apparent unless you are familiar with Alberta and the history of caching in our province. We accepted the expertise and the support of the Geocoin Store and their knowledge and advice went into this coin as well, thanks Mike. We think some fanfare is really well deserved, this geocoin is the work of many. The 2006 Alberta Geocoin Working Group included a number of geocachers and I would like to thank them all. From Calgary, Alberta - Lemon Fresh Dog. From Edmonton, Alberta (has now moved to Quebec!) - Mr. Speedy's parade. From Calgary, Alberta - nicolo. From Grande Prairie, Alberta - Gramma & Pat. From Edmonton, Alberta - Viajero Perdido. Thank you all very much. I would also like to thank Frog and Polywog from Cowley, Alberta, I wish you could have joined us for the whole journey. The real credit for the design you see belongs to the artist behind the "Skeeter" coin, peanutbutterbreadandjam. Thanks Miles, this geocoin is delightful, whimsical and beautiful, it really says "Alberta".

Medicine Hat
September 30, 2006

"In token for the love which thou has Shown
For this wild land of freedom, I have Named
A Province vast, and for its beauty Famed,
By thy dear name to be hereafter Known.
Alberta shall it be!"

by John Campbell, Marquis of Lorne

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