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March 2017 - FTF IV




This item is permanently password protected and available to members of The Geocoin Club only. If you are a member of The Geocoin Club, you will receive the month's password in your monthly club mailing.



Dimensions 2.0 inches tall

Thickness 5.0 mm

Finish Shiny Gold

Enameling Soft

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

We had a bit of a revelation when asked about the FTF III coin and realized it's been a couple years since the last time we made an FTF. In addition, now that we have shaped tags, why not a shaped tag in a Sherpa style to keep with our March tradition? So Chris came up with a shaped pointer tag that keeps track of your FTF finds over time. The reverse has IHE style trans fill similar to our coin two years back. Nice and heavy in feel, but a more raised tag. The tag will float on a raised ring surrounding the magnet and the green-filled columns gold will act as place holders.


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