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December 2016 - Sugar Plum Fairy

Dimensions 2.0 inches tall

Thickness 3.5 mm

Finish Satin Silver

Enameling Soft with Trans and Glitter

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes


As the hours slip past midnight and the dream unfolds, the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy sweeps young Clara away to the Land of Snow with her charming prince.  In the enchanted foresland of snow they are welcomed with the dancing snowflakes and escorted to the Land of Sweets.  There, they relate their battle against the Mouse King and the Sugar Plum Fairy rewards them for their bravery with a celebration of dances before the ending with the Pas De Deux.  

Celebrate the holiday tradition of the Nutcracker with this charming coinament showcasing the Sugar Plum Fairy dancing through the night hours among the holiday decorations on the face.  On the reverse, the traditional holiday sweets are surrounded by the obelisk and 4 fountains of the city square in the Land of Sweets.  There the fountains bubble with lemonade, orangeade, orgeat, and currant syrup while the basins are filled with whipped cream.  A coin as sweet as the tale it tells!  Hang it high and give it a spin to watch the fairy dance among the fountains!  

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