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December 2018 - Tis the Caching Season

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Design By: Christian Mackey 

Dimensions 50mm tall

Thickness4.0  3.5mm

Finish Shiny Silver

Enameling IHE Enamel

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

December 2018 - Tis' the Caching Season

Design notes from Chris:   I recently looked back and realized that despite all the designs I've created over the years, I've only completed a couple Christmas season designs.  Lately I've been catching up on a number of Podcasts and Vlogger shows where the 12 Days of Cachemas challenge was taken on with delight.  I was inspired and in that spirit I started thinking about what I really want for Christmas... time to play!  Caching in the winter (in the north) is all about crisp, cool weather, a complete absence of mosquitos, no ticks burrowing under my clothes and a plethora of amazing photo opportunities abound.  Sure, sometimes I have to carry a avalanche shovel for snowdrifts, but that can be a fun challenge as well in finding a cache.  I'm sitting here at my desk looking forward to my young son to begin his holiday break from school so we can go outside and hit the trails in search of the wonderful treasures put out there by generous geocachers.  Treasures of companionship, a task shared, an all too rare moment of bonding over a shared excitement, the moment of delight when uncovering something hidden and all the moments of laughter that go along with a caching day.  What do I want for Cachemas?  Time outside with friends and family, caches hidden just for us and the chance to give back to this wonderful group of people.  Hope your winter days are merry and bright and full of delight!  Merry Cachemas to all!


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