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November 2019 - La Roca


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Design By: Chris Mackey 

Dimensions 45 mm Wide

Thickness4.0  3.5 mm

Finish Antique Silver
Enameling Soft Enamel

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

November 2019 - La Roca

Design notes from Chris:  

For this month's coin I was privileged to re-examine a story I'd briefly read about while investigating pirate legends a couple years before.  A sailing ship captain so infamous, he carried three names.  The story of Captain Albert Kendall Hall (aka The Rock or La Roca) of Cornwall, England is not your typical pirate story in a number of ways.  His career began as a sailor for the British Royal Navy where his brilliance and ambition quickly propelled him through the ranks to become one of the youngest sea faring captains in history commanding the British man-of-war HMS Gratitude.  Despite only being twenty-five years old, he was readily distinguished by his rather unique prematurely grey beard and quickly became known as Captain Graybeard within the naval ranks.  

He rose to near legendary status for his courage during the fighting against the Franco-Spanish fleet in the Battle of Vigo Bay where he earned the nick name La Roca (The Rock) upon which the French and Spanish ships were repeatedly broken.  After decimating these ships on the Spanish Main, he reputedly recovered a massive treasure of silver, gold and treasures from the richest treasure fleet to ever cross paths with the British Navy.  Upon hearing of his incredible feats, Queen Anne recalled him to the royal court to be raised to knighthood.

Instead, Graybeard and his men took the massive treasure and sailed to the New World.  The queen sent her ships to bring him back, but he and his men were long gone.  According to legend, among the treasures aboard the pillaged Spanish galleons was a map to "The Pearl of the Chesapeake" with an inscription that read "He who possesses this pearl shall be granted an eternity of pleasant living."  Graybeard and his crew made for the pearl and in 1707 they found it... a beautiful sandy beach where they finally landed.  It was a magnificent harbor with plenty of fresh food, water, supplies and excellent sailing.  To this day, that landing point and the village that sprang up there is known as Rock Hall.  

Hail Rock Hall, Hail Rock Hall,
Long live Graybeard, Pirates are we all.
Pirates are we all, Pirates are we all!
Long live Graybeard, Hail Rock Hall!

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