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September 2020 - Caching Gremlins

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Design By: Chris Mackey 

Dimensions 45 mm Wide

Thickness4.0  3.5 mm

Finish Antique Copper
Enameling Soft Enamel

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

September 2020 - Geocaching Gremlins

Design notes from the artist:  

Gremlin... the word instantly brings to mind a nasty bit of work hell bent on destroying things.  When you're a geocacher trying your best to keep your caches maintained it sometimes feels like you're fighting a losing battle.  We can chalk it up to the wide array of elements in nature doing the regular best to break down and rebuild everything in its grasp.  Sometimes we might wonder if it's something more.  Sometimes we wonder if there is something out there watching us and just waiting until our backs are turned to play havoc with our caches.  Gremlins, Pukwudgie, Imps, Goblins, UnSeelie, El Duende... whatever their names, they have had their tales told in every part of the world for thousands of years.  The tales inspire nightmares among adults and children alike.  The battle against Gremlins to keep caches from diabolic DNFs is never ending so we check back often and work hard to keep caches primed, but sometimes, just sometimes Gremlins get the best of us.  

This month's design takes a humorous look at Cache Gremlins.  The face side showcases one of our mischievous imps of the supernatural variety instructing young gremlins on the fine art of finding and looting our caches.  It is a creature described by native Americans as the Pukwudgie.  They were once, according to legend, friendly to humans, but turned against them in the end.  A person who upset the Pukwudgie could look forward to a slew of nasty surprises.  They were a creatures of nature and blended in perfectly with their surroundings at will with coloring to match the woodlands.  Inescapably curious, they creep through the forest at all hours looking for opportunity to cause mischief.  What a delight for them when they find a hidden cache that can't escape their sharp senses!

The reverse side shows the other side of the tale.  Gremlins are often cited as just excuses for bad planning or crafting.  The term "Gremlin" became popular during the war efforts to build aircraft under great time constraints and less than ideal conditions.  Despite an enormous number of sightings of these nasty sprites, officials would claim them only a fanciful tale told by careless workers.  So maybe it's not super-natural, but instead caches really are just subject to the incredible diversity of natural environments.  Fires, precipitation, flooding, eroding and even natural inhabitants could be to blame.  I know I've had my caches wrecked by everything from squirrels to bears to bulldozers, but sometimes there just seems to be no explanation at all.  A cache far away from trails, with zero chance of human interaction will suddenly disappear or simply be raided.  Why?  How?  I placed it perfectly this time.  It could only be one thing... Gremlins.

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