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St. Anthony - Shiny Silver

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Dimensions 2.00inches

Thickness 4.0mm

Finish Shiny Silver

Enameling Imitation Hard Enamel

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes






A brand new coin for the store, brought to you by Chris Mackey. 



Saint Anthony of Padua, born Fernando Martins de Bulhoes, known also as the Hammer of the Heretics was a prolific explorer of the world at a time when most people never left their own villages.  Born to wealth and comfort, he threw it all away to enter the priesthood, explore the world and live as a Francisan monk.  He died only 10 years after joining the order, but traveled on long trips more than 400 times during that time.  He explored widely, preached his faith and brought enlightenment and education to countless people.


On the face side of the coin we have St Anthony with hand raised in benediction surrounded by the symbols of his travels and faith.  The flaming heart of his desire to share his faith, the fish he preached to who responded to his words, the bread given to the poor in exchange for healing a child by miracle and the famous psalter containing his personal notes that was lost and then found again through an act of devotion.  His personal symbol of the pure Lily is centered below and the fleur de lis, ancient symbol of the lily lies to the west where he began his journeys into the world from Lisbon, Portugal by land and ship.


On the obverse we have the symbols of his namesake and office.  The Hammer of Heretics was so named for his unrelenting obstinacy against all obstructions faced in sharing his faith.  Often compared to a goat or ram, the flaming desire of his faith lead him to break down his foes by hammering at them with logic, intuition and inspiration.  The words "revelabit succinctos" translate from Latin as "reveal that which is hidden".  The symbol of the lily, hammer and flaming crown all project over the crimson crucifix of his faith.  The surrounding words known as the Prayer of Saint Anthony surround the coin border proclaiming his message.


A world explorer, researcher, teacher finder of the hidden is an inspiration to cachers for all time!


"Ecce Crucem Domini! Fugite partes adversae! Vicit Leo de tribu Juda, Radix David! Alleluia! translate to "Behold the Cross of the Lord!  Be gone all evil powers! The Lion of the tribe of Judah, The root of David has conquered! Alleluia!


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