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You have entered the Pathtag zone...

Here you can find lots of great ready to go tags for your caching swag needs or to fuel your wishlist trading.  Did you know you can start trading tags today without buying your own custom design?  Just pick up a pack of 5 or 20 tags here and then start adding tags from the gallery to your wishlist.  If someone else has the tag you want, and they want one of the ready-made tags you have extra of - they can offer you a trade!  Have fun and start your collection now!

Interested in your own custom tag?  They are more affordable and fun than you may realize.  Get started for only $110 + shipping.  Join over 56,000 people who are logging and enjoying tags and collect and trade from among 11,000+ tag designs.  Each day new designs are added, it's an investment in fun you will never regret.