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Pathtags Club Fundraiser

Pathtags are the newest and coolest in signature items and trade swag!  Thousands have discovered the fun and excitement of trading and collecting Pathtags with friends all over the world and also in use in daily caching activity as swag items for trade.  Perfect for caching, Pathtags allow the finder to log the tag to show you where they found it and where they are from, so you can learn  more about the people you are crossing paths with. is pleased to offer its Pathtag fund raising program.  Through this program, your club or organization can have a tag made at no cost, sold for you at no cost, and make money in the process!  It's a great no-risk fundraiser. 

Here's how it works
  • Contact us about participation - almost any group is eligible!  Let us know about your club (website, size, etc.)  Then...
  • You develop a design you think your club members will like
  • You get your club excited and take reservations.  "Hey who would be interested?", then count the number of people... we don't need anything ultra firm, but it gets club members excited which improves your result and helps us order the right quantity so you get paid the max amount possible.
  • You submit the design and quantity recommendation to us at
  • We make packs of 20 tags from your design at no cost to you or your club.
  • We post the tag packs in the store for sale when they are ready.  For each pack of 20 sold at full price your club earns $5 per pack.
  • If needed, we reserve the right to run clearance sales which may include your tag.
  • Payments are made at the end of each sale run (when your tags sell out).  If you notice it before we do - drop us a line so we can process the closeout and get you your commission payment.  If demand warrants it (and you want to) - we are happy to make another run of the tag with you.  You are also welcome to do it again in the future with a different design.  Some clubs run contests for designs and do a design each season or quarter.
  • Payment Options
    • We pay by check only.  Non-corporate entities can earn up to $580 under this plan.  Sending 1099s to individuals is not logistically feasible.  You will need to provide an address to send the check and designate who it should be payable to.
    • We also offer barter for payment.  If you exceed $580 or are not eligible for direct payments your $5 per pack is converted to store credit at any of our stores (,, and and can be used against future purchase there.  All credit must be used within 6 months.