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Hardcore Park 'N Grabber

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Dimensions1.5 inches tall


FinishShiny Nickel



Has IconYes

You know you are one! Even if you aren't always one, I suspect each and every cacher out there has had a day where they just WANT THE NUMBERS BABY YEAH! And, if even for an afternoon, you become the Hardcore Park 'N Grabber. BYO-Pencil or Pen in hand you cruise the parking lots and rest stops of the world lifting skirts, or feeling underneath the bench seat placed right in the middle of muggle activity for what you hope will be a magnetic key box or something similar and not the handfull of spider webs and cocoons you found at the last stop!

Yes - it's in us all. No matter how vehemently we profess it is not, noone can withstand the lure of a numbers run forever. This coin is for you!
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