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Coin Odyssey Game

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Dimensions1.75 inches round


FinishAntique Bronze



Has IconYes

This coin is a new twist on setting goals for your coins.  The coin features an area in the middle sized to accept Goal Tags.  The coin comes with 5 colorful goal tags and one "Return to Sender" tag that you send out with the coin (they attach to the coin using the included ball chain).  Start your coin's Odyssey by inserting the first goal tag and then watch as its adventure unfolds.

The coin details the rules of the game.  1 - Complete Current Quest.  2 - Keep Current Tag Upon Success.  3 - Choose Next Quest Tag.

The goal for the coin changes throughout its life and when it runs out of other goals - the return to sender tag will bring it back to you for a recharge.

Look in the Pathtags section of our site soon for Booster Packs that you can use to lengthen your coin's Odyssey and to add a larger variety of goals to the coin.

This set comes with 5 goal tags and a return to sender tag.  The 4 goal tags are:
  1. Difficulty + Terrain Equals 2
  2. Difficulty + Terrain Equals 4
  3. Difficulty + Terrain Equals 6
  4. Difficulty + Terrain Equals 8
  5. Difficulty + Terrain Equals 10 (not pictured)
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Add This Item To Your Cart Qty: Sold Out

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