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DB & BNB Geocoin

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This coin is trackable on with its own custom icon.

Coin Description:

  • Diameter:  1.75 inches inches
  • Shape:  Triangular
  • Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Finish:  Misty Silver

Seller's Description:

This is the Dirty_Bird & BigNastyBrain geocoin.  The coin was designed

our latest Geocache which revolves around a novel written and published

specifically for the geocache.  The coin is in the same shape that appears

on the cover of the novel and contains a similar binary background.  On the

reverse side of the coin is an additional code engraved into the rim.  The

novel is titled "Cerebral Codex" and is a merge of fiction, puzzle

and geocaching.  This unique novel complements a 5/5 geocache which is also

called Cerebral Codex (GCVJXQ).

Cerebral Codex the Novel

The novel tells a fictional story of two characters on an adventure in a

strange land.  The characters in the book are faced with a series of

that they must solve in order to continue their journey.  Each puzzle

contains additional coded information that allows Cachers & Puzzle Solvers

to access online puzzle pieces.  You can learn more about the novel by

visiting the website at
  The book is published (ISBN:

141168284X) and can be purchased through online bookstores such as Barns &

Nobel as well as others.  Currently, the cheapest price is through

and a link is provided through the Cerebral Codex website listed above.

Cerebral Codex (GCVJXQ) the Geocache

The Cerebral Codex geocache was created as a true 5/5 challenge.  It is

riddled with a minimum of ten unique and challenging puzzles that guard its

secrets.  Beccause of the 5/5 rating, 50% of its difficulty relies on

physical challenges.  However, we understand that there are a lot of great

puzzle solvers out there.  To this end, we have tried to make this cache

"distance friendly" by creating a special trackable item that distance

solvers can log if they solve all of the puzzles.  (The trackable item is

not a geocoin).  Additionally, any distance cachers skilled enough to

the secrets of the Cerebral Codex are welcome to log a note on the cache

page proclaiming their victory.  Visit the Cerebral Codex geocache at:

"A cleverly crafted puzzle is a work of intellectual art when the

of its solution is beautifully hidden by the complexity of its design.  Such

art requires imagination and creativity on the part of the creator and

requires the solver to walk the fine line between inspiration and



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