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Schrodinger Antique Copper

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FinishAntique Copper

EnamelingSoft Enamel


Has IconYes

This is a customer submission from scificollector.  Always wanting to see a Schrodinger puzzle coin, we obliged.  One side has incredible color and flare, and the backside has an actual puzzle.  Cross your eyes and see what's there.

Flavor text from the artist is below:

Have you ever went to a geocache and wondered if the travelers were actually there?  It was another day of finding some caches with their coins in them and some with missing coins. I thought “Why get frustrated about it? Why not make it part of the game?” This was the beginning of the idea for the Schrödinger’s  geocoin.

 Schrödinger was an Austrian Physicist who had a created a thought experiment to try to illustrate a problem with quantum mechanics. A cat was put into a box and a device was hooked up to measure the decay of a radioactive atom. Depending on if the atom decayed, the device would release a gas affecting the cat. Schrödinger postulated that until the cat was observed by opening the box, it was in a indeterminate state (neither affected or unaffected by the gas). Once the box was opened and the cat observed would the true determination of its state would be made. Science fiction author, Robert Heinlein came up with another twist to the experiment. Cats are capricious and they may end up deciding they don’t want to wait around to find out out what happens and may just leave the box themselves. (From the book Cat who walks through Walls)

 This is very similar to the state of geocoins in a cache. The cache can list the trackables at but until you actually get out to a cache its impossible to make that determination if the coins is actually in there.

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