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December 2015 - Jack Frost

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Dimensions 2.00 inches tall

Thickness 3.5 mm

Finish Shiny Nickel

Enameling Soft Enamel with Glitter

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes


Jack Frost is the harbinger of the changing seasons when leaves turn to flame and frost ferns of ice begin to form in the night. For cachers, he drives away the insects, cools the air for those long hikes and plays his mischief by stealing your power from batteries with his feather-light touch. He's the unseen breeze, the shadow from a cloudless sky and the motion at the edge of your vision. Join him in the trees, mountain tops and cities as he touches the season and sets our hearts toward going outdoors again now that the sweltering heat of summer is past.

The Frost looked forth one still, clear night,
And whispered, “Now I shall be out of sight;
So, through the valley, and over the height,
In silence I’ll take my way.
I will not go on like that blustering train,
The wind and the snow, the hail and the rain,
That make such a bustle and noise in vain,
But I’ll be as busy as they!”

So he flew to the mountain, and powdered its crest;
He lit on the trees, and their boughs he drest
With diamonds and pearls; and over the breast
Of the quivering lake he spread
A coat of mail, that it need not fear
The downward point of many a spear
That he hung on its margin, far and near,
Where a rock could rear its head.

He went to the windows of those who slept,
And over each pane, like a fairy, crept;
Wherever he breathed, wherever he stepped,
By the light of the morn were seen
Most beautiful things; there were flowers and trees;
There were bevies of birds and swarms of bees;
There were cities with temples and towers; and these
All pictured in silvery sheen!

But he did one thing that was hardly fair–
He peeped in the cupboard, and finding there
That all had forgotten for him to prepare–
“Now, just to set them a-thinking,

I’ll bite this basket of fruit,” said he,
“This costly pitcher I’ll burst in three;
And the glass of water they’ve left for me
Shall ‘tchick’ to tell them I’m drinking!”

- Hannah F. Gould., 1789–1865

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