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April 2019 - Old Salty!

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Design By: Chris Mackey 

Dimensions 44.5mm Wide

Thickness4.0  3.5 mm

Finish Shiny Silver
Enameling Soft Enamel

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

April 2019 - Old Salty!

Design notes from Chris:  

Old "Salty" Cachers Geocoin


Possibly the greatest treasure to be had in all of Geocaching is the epic story of a caching adventure.  The older, the better and usually the more flavorful as it's gained in robustness in years of re-telling.  As I sat sipping my coffee and being regaled by stories at a local breakfast event, I laughed along at the stories of old caching adventures with epic victories and even more stunning defeats.  There seemed to be a common theme to many of them with a story always starting with the word "back".  These fantastic tails always begin with "Back in the day", "Back when", "Back about (insert # here) years ago" or something along those lines.  The cachers who have been around the block a few times remember the days of printed cache pages, lessons in orienteering for projected waypoints, "boxing" ground zero, navigation by raw coords and a compass or even those dreaded rebellious "kids" with their paperless caching machines known as Palm Pilots.  The cachers who have been there and done that can get a bit "salty" about paperless, smart-phone aps or even instant online posting of logs in the modern caching age.


I remember my first questions to other cachers more than a decade ago were often responded to with sage bits of advice like "It's a sink or swim kind of thing. Just get out and do it. Nothing beats experience".  Of course that was before lampskirt caches and you had to hike all afternoon to find a cache.  Every cacher you met looked like a lumberjack, mountain climber or hardened trail guide.  They brushed off encounters with bears and bobcats as just another thing one sees on the trail of course.  They recall stories from "back in the day" of fording icy rivers in their skivvies, scaling cliffs without ropes, building impromptu gorge crossing bridges out of dead timbers or removing rattlesnakes from the trail with the flick of their trusty hiking stick that they just happened to carve out of a piece of a beaver dam they'd walked across.  These cachers are the legends and the foundation on which modern caching is built and they deserve their recognition.  They're the cool, older kids on the playground and we enjoy their "salty" perspective right along with their legendary tales.  They still dish out sage advice and while it may sound simplistic sometimes, they're usually spot on... the tried and true method is to get out on the trail.  Let the wanderlust grab you by the heart and set your feet to moving.  The cache is out there on the trail just waiting and if you're lucky you might even get to go caching with a salty ol' cacher who can show you a trick or two.

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