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January 2007 - Rangefinder Geocoin

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This item is permanently password protected and available to members of The Geocoin Club only. If you are a member of The Geocoin Club, you will receive the month's password on a card in your monthly club mailing.  This item also comes with ONE bonus pathtag!

Dimensions1.75 inches round


FinishAntique Silver

EnamelingNone, engraving is filled with red enamel for contrast


Has IconYes

Following in the footsteps of the January 2006 Geocoin, we wanted to design a coin that could actually be used. The January 2007 coin is calibrated to be used as a distance finder. If you hold the coin 12 inches from your face and align it with the horizon, a mark in the viewfinder will show you where 528 feet should be. This is the minimum distance allowed between two Geocaches by the guidelines.

It's fun and useful and has that "classic" all metal look to it. YMMV with measurements, but we'd love to hear your experience with using it to measure off distance!

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Add This Item To Your Cart Qty: Sold Out

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