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February 2021 - Cache Revival

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Design By: Chris Mackey 

Dimensions 45 mm Wide

Thickness  4.0 mm

Finish Antique Bronze
Enameling Soft Enamel

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

February 2021 - Cache Revival

Design notes from the artist:  Chris Mackey

The year 2020 has finally passed.  Holidays are behind us, New Year's resolutions have been made and the 2021 caching season is here!  While we excitedly plan new caching goals and adventures, we should also remind ourselves that everyone else is doing so as well and those plans will surely include visiting our caches.  

February is an important time for the world and particularly for cachers.  The very name February derives from its ancient Latin root "Februa" which means to cleanse or renew.  It's the time of Lupercalia, the annual festival of purification and celebration of new season of life.  The ancient world invoked Juno, the Goddess of health, vitality, healing and rejuvenation in an effort to cleanse all the aspects of their lives and breathe new vitality into their world.  It's the perfect time for us to do the same for our caches!  With a bit of maintenance, we can breathe new life into those old caches, restoring them to their former glory and bringing delight to the new caching season's finders.  

This coin pays tribute to the ancient world on one side and the modern world on the other.  On the face, the symbols of Juno, a peacock and the feminine rising sun are centered in her laurel crown and placed center over her traditional Aegis shield.  On the reverse is an array of cache maintenance tools over the six-point Star of Life.*

There's never a bad time to give a little love and new life to a cache, but February really is perfect!  It's a time of renewal with a whole season of caching ahead in the new year.  Maybe this coin will remind and inspire cachers to give a bit of vitality to those caches and bring everyone a few more smiles in 2021.

* This worldwide symbol of healing was originally designed with the ancient Greek Rod of Asclepius.  As a designer, I don't believe in coincidence and the earliest symbols of the Goddess vitality, Juno, were also six sided stars.  It's a small leap to see these two ancient symbols as inspiration for the modern-day icon of health.  

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