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February 2023 - Believe In Caching

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Design By: Chris Mackey 

Dimensions 45 mm Wide

Thickness 3.5 mm

Finish Shiny Silver
Enameling Soft w/Epoxy Coating

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

February 2023 - Believe In Caching

Design notes from the artist:  Chris Mackey

 A stranger appears, seemingly out of nowhere, and begins scanning the area visually aided by a series of electronic devices.  Another appears nearby and they begin talking in strange terms with strange words and seem similarly intent on their scan.  They compare equipment readings and continue to examine the area intently probing here and there.  Sounds like a standard starship away team from Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, but no, just a couple friendly geocachers.  They're not from here, they might just be "a little out there", but for certain, they believe in caching!

This month's coin brings back memories of caching the ET highway where even the alien-themed shop owners told us straight up "you guys are stranger than the aliens that stopped by last week" with a chuckle.  We found alien and ufo geoart in the desert, carefully avoided random cows walking on the highway and kept an eye out for otherworldly visitors "just in case" along the way.  I have to imagine if aliens decided to visit and observed our caching, they might be just as mystified about our pastime as we would be of them.  I'd imagine our searching for hidden treasures in far-out places is a microcosm of their own travels.  Maybe we have more in common that I thought.  

I believe we're definitely not alone out in the vastness of the universe.  I believe if aliens are out there searching, then they probably started their mission much like we do...  loading up some coordinates,  hoping for the possibility of finding something cool and embracing the inevitable adventure along the way are all one needs to enjoy geocaching.  It's out of this world!

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