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November 2023 - Fenris?lfr the V?nagandr


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Design By: Chris Mackey 

Dimensions 45 mm Wide

Thickness 3.5 mm


Antique Copper

Enameling Soft

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

November 2023 - Fenrisúlfr the Vánagandr

Design notes from the artist:  Chris Mackey

While many of us have heard the names Thor, Odin, Loki and maybe even Hel through books, graphics novels and lately movies, fewer know of the even more powerful entities of the heavens in the Norse pantheon.  Within the epic Gylfaginning, the great battle of Ragnarök will come arrive and prove to be a struggle for life itself between Gods and mankind and these greater powers.  When the great battle arrives, all the heroes of Valhalla along with their god allies will be tested on the field of Vígríðr to face these powers and may still not be enough.
According to prophecy, Fenrisúlfr (aka Fenrir the Wolf or tthe Vánagandr (the Monster of the River)), along with his sibling  Jörmungandr (the World Serpent) and their allies will rally to shake the heavens at Ragnarök.  Fenrir's son Sköll will leap and swallow the sun. His other son Hati Hróðvitnisson will swallow the moon and the stars themselves.  The earth will shake, the trees will be torn from their roots, the mountains will fall, and all bindings will fail.  Fenrir's jaws will open so wide they will touch both the heavens and the earth and flames will burn from his eyes.  When he arrives on the field of battle, Odin himself will fall to his ferocity and be swallowed up.  
All these events were forseen, and in their fear, the gods bound Fenrir through trickery in an unbreakable fetter.  First, they tried a fetter of hide, Leyding, but Fenrir easily shred it to ribbons.  Next, they tried a fetter of heavy chain, Dromi, but with a great heave of strength, Fenrir would shatter this and send the many pieces hurtling about the heavens.  Finally, a fetter of very special elements, Gleipnir was created.  The sound of a cat's steps, the beard of women, the roots of the mountains, the sinews of bear, the breath of fish and the spittle of birds were stolen from the world and bound into a fetter that was both strong and flexible so that it could not be broken.  The gods would pay a dear price to ensnare Fenrir in this fetter and once bound his jaws were held apart with a sword to stop is horrible bite.  Fenrir's saliva would run so wild that the mighty river Ván would spring forth.  
Throughout the design of this coin on both sides, you'll find the keys, elements and symbols of the story of Fenrisúlfr the Vánagandr.  A reminder that time is precious and Ragnarök is coming.  A reminder to live like the Norse and seize the most from every day while we can.  Go forth and adventure, travel the world and search for treasures.  Let no second of your day be wasteful, for Fenrir is coming and heroes must be ready to meet him! 


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