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December 2023 - The Christmas Spider


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Design By: Chris Mackey 

Dimensions 45 mm Wide

Thickness 3.5 mm


Shiny Silver

Enameling Soft w/epoxy dome

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

December 2023 - The Christmas Spider

Design notes from the artist:  Chris Mackey

When we moved into our first house, my young wife and I put up a real Christmas tree that first December.  We had tromped through a field of snow, found the perfect one, cut it down and hauled it home.  Then we cut it shorter (twice) and finally got it standing up in the perfect spot.  While admiring our perfect yule tree, I noticed a tiny spider and told my wife it was a lucky sign.  She is not a spider loving person at all and was not having it.  She refused to decorate anywhere near the top of the tree where it chose to reside, but I was very proud of our guest.  She didn't get it, but when I told her why a Pavuchky (tiny spider) in your tree was a good thing, she was charmed and now we've passed the story on to our son, too...
A long, long time ago, a poor widow and her young children lived alone near the forest at the edge of the village.  It had been a hard year and a meager existence when Christmas arrived.  Too poor to afford gifts, but unable to deny the sadness in her children's eyes, she set off to find a yule tree to decorate their small hut.  She couldn't afford beautiful decorations, but with a little hard work, she and her children tied ribbons on the branches, hung simple woven grass ornaments, and finally sat back to admire their work as the sun slowly fell and evening arrived.  The children, knowing there were no presents to be had, went to bed sadly and the mother cried herself quietly to sleep.  
High in the tree, a tiny spider watched with fascination as its home was decorated so beautifully.  She felt such happiness and decided to add her own ornaments to the tree in the form of hundreds of tiny silvery threads from the branches.  In the morning, as the sun rose, the children woke and went once again to admire the tree.  They were astonished to see the transformation of their tree by so many glistening threads of web.  At just that moment, the sun broke through the window and shone directly on the trees.  In a flash of Christmas magic, the tiny strands were suddenly transformed into glistening silver threads.  The family rejoiced at their blessing, knowing a miracle can truly appear in the most unlikely of places.  To this day, we hang strands of silver tinsel in our trees to remind us of this story and the appearance of Christmas miracles.      - An Old Ukranian Legend
This coinament shares the tradition and allows you to hang a Pavuchky in your tree or gift it to a friend.  It is a reminder of the blessings we enjoy at this time of year and all year long as part of this big, wonderful geocaching family! 


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