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2007 Georgia Geocachers Association Geocoin

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Dimensions 2 inches tall, proportionally tall

Thickness 3.5mm

Finish Shiny Nickel

Enameling Transparent

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

This sale is currently limited to only GGA members with a password. Check the GGA website for details on obtaining the password for the sale. We will not release the password, please do not contact us with requests ;)

The final photo of this coin will be posted soon. The names of the cities are actually "under" the green transparent enamel. It's a very cool effect!

The Georgia Geocachers Association is a group of Geocaching enthusiasts who have come together to promote geocaching in Georgia through education & effort. The GGA feels that through helping others learn more about the activity, safety and experience of geocaching, it will foster more fun and enjoyment for the activity. The GGA celebrates its 6th anniversary in June 2007. The coin has a Cherokee Rose icon.
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