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FTF Craze Comic #3

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Dimensions2 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide


FinishBlack Nickel

EnamelingImitation Hard


Has IconYes

Introducing the FTF Craze Comic Book coin series! This is the third volume of what will be an 8 page (4 coin) comic book done in coin format. This coin combines the adventure of Geocaching with the fun style of Manga comics.

The photos of this coin series make it look like we are posting artwork with the listing rather than a real photo - but these are the actual photos of this coin. Imitation hard enamels with black nickel finish allows the coin to take on a very authentic comic book look and feel. You will think you're holding a tiny little comic book page!

In volume 3, our hero rolls up to the general cache site and leaps from his vehicle to go find the cache. He's strapped for time so he does something we've all done - he bushwhacks in his good work clothes! Then... finally... he gets close. The FTF is his for the taking!!


What will happen? Will our hero score the FTF? Will victory be snatched from his grasp at the last moment? Will his boss kill him for showing back up to work with muddy shoes? STAY TUNED!

Follow our hero through his continuing adventure to become the FTF. Stay tuned for issue #4 tentatively set for publication in early June 2008.

The public has spoken - comic books are only really cool in color :) So there is no "weekday edition" of this volume.

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Add This Item To Your Cart Qty: Sold Out

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