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November 2008 SE - Good Deeds Karma - Under 200 Made

This item is permanently password protected and available to members of The Geocoin Club only. If you are a member of The Geocoin Club, you will receive the month's password in your monthly club mailing.

Dimensions1.75 inches Round


FinishAntique Silver

EnamelingImitation Hard with Trans


Has IconYes

This is the special edition coin of the November, 2008 Geocoin Club Coin.

This great Chris Mackey design kicks off a mini series we will be putting out over 2009.  Alternately referred to internally as "Karma Coins" and "Pocket Change" (get it?) the idea with these coins is to ecourage each of us to take a step back and make some conscious decisions about how we spend our day.  Put this coin in your right pocket each day to remind you to do a good deed for someone that day.  When you reach into your pocket, run your fingers over the texture of the flowers as a reminder and run your thumb over the inspirational word set in braille.  When you have completed your good deed - transfer the coin to your left pocket.  Try to do this each day for 21 days.  21 days is often regarded as the amount of time it takes to form a habit.

This coin sale is only open to subscribers of the Geocoin Club. Each month, we produce a set of SE coins from the original design. SE coins are minted in quantities of less than 200 and the actual mintage quantity will be published in the following month's newsletter.

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