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September 2008 - Cache Reaper

This item is permanently password protected and available to members of The Geocoin Club only. If you are a member of The Geocoin Club, you will receive the month's password in your monthly club mailing.

Dimensions1.75 inches Round


FinishShiny Silver

EnamelingImitation Enamel & Trans


Has IconYes

This is the regular edition coin of the September, 2008 Geocoin Club Coin.

It was getting close to "that time of year" when you should head out and check on your caches for the change of seasons.  Most places, this means a dramatic change in weather.  A dramatic change an un-cared-for cache usually doesn't survive.  A cool design with a good message about cache responsibility.  Or is that... ominous message?  Sinister?  You get the point...

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