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February 2009 - Earn Your Stripes

This item is permanently password protected and available to members of The Geocoin Club only. If you are a member of The Geocoin Club, you will receive the month's password in your monthly club mailing.

Dimensions 1.75 inches Round

Thickness 9mm full, 3mm edge

Finish Dual Plated - Black Nickel/Silver

Enameling Soft Enamel

Trackable? Yes

Has Icon Yes

This is the regular edition coin of the February, 2009 Geocoin Club Coin.

Do You Dare?  The 3D on this coin is so deep you can almost swear you might prick your finger on the thorns.  We've all done it - decided the "shortest way from point A to point B" is a straight line.  We've bushwhacked and come out scarred :)  This coin challenges you to "Earn Your Stripes" and take the path intentionally less traveled by once in a while - bushwhack!  Do you dare?
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