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February 2010 - Pythagoras

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Thickness3.5 mm

FinishSatin Gold



Has IconYes

This is the regular edition coin of the February 2010 Geocoin Club Coin.

This month is a tribute to another one of our classics, Pythagoras.  The overall shape is a proof for the pythagoran theorem - a2+b2=C2.  Then we have the tetracytys, a 10 dot arrangement mystic symbol important to the worship of Pythagorism and symbolizes earth, air, water, fire at the points.  The monad, a circle with dot symbolizes the "one source" or God to the Pythagorists.  The stars are a Pythagoran Lute based on phi and pi the golden ratio.  The background symbol is a Pythagoran Tree.  The rotated squares are another proof for the pythagoran theorem.  The quote on the red square is attributed to Pythagoras to describe the relationship between music and mathmatics and it is also in a golden spiral.  All that packed into ONE COIN :)

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