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August 2006 Anniversary Contest Coin

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First Anniversary Contest Geocoin!

Available only to Geocoin Club members. This coin was originally gifted as a special bonus to all Geocoin Club subscribers as of July 31, 2006.

Each coin is an entry into our Anniversary Geocoin Contest. Full details of the contest are available at

When it's all said and done, approximately 2000 of these Anniversary coins will have been given away or sold to our club members through our Members Only Store.

EACH coin is an entry into our contest. In August 2007 we will award a $300 cash prize to the owner of the winning coin and someone on the list of people who helped it along will be selected at random for an "assist" prize of a free 1 year premium membership or an extension of their existing membership. And note the bold mark - the owner of the coin is eligible to win. So while these coins are available only to Geocoin Club members, anyone can win. Anyone who gets a coin through a trade, purchase, or otherwise becomes eligible for the grand prize.

The rules are - there are no rules! Seriously! Rather than set a hard and fast winning criteria we have opted instead to leave the final decision entirely to our discretion. Whatever we find to be the most interesting or entertaining coin of the year will be the winner. What makes them interesting? Who knows! We'll be watching 2000 coins! The breadth of the project goes beyond anything we've been part of before and we're not really sure what we'll see! How many will be released to travel? How many of those will survive the year? Will we be most impressed by distance traveled? People met? Places visited? Can you get your coin into a museum? Maybe it'll be a coin that meets its demise in a unique and memorable way.

This is a chance for all of us to really see what cool stuff a coin can experience if let go. So - don't hold on to the coins. Get them out there, get them travelling. And while we'll be watching - 2000 is a lot of coins to watch effectively. If you think your coin has done something phenomenal - be sure to email us at

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