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FTF IV - Shiny Silver

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FinishShiny Silver

EnamelingImitation Hard Enamel


Has IconYes

This is our fourth offering in FTF Series, brought to you by Chris Mackey. 

After a few too many episodes of American Pickers I've been sketching along some of the beautiful old porcelain signs they find hidden in old barns.  Bright colors, sharp images and beautiful text painstakingly rendered to perfection are a beautiful reminder of classic design done right.  I love the old product labels in particular and decided to use a combination of those inspiring designs to label geocachers!  Particularly those FTF loving cachers who wake before the crack of dawn to beat the rising sun to a new cache.  The face side of our label shows the Bantam Rooster crowing to the rising sun and was inspired by a beautiful old brass weathervane.  The opposing side showcases the old hand-carved sign font with the original can of beans as a tribute to the worlds first FTF.   
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