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December 2014 - Challenge Coin

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Dimensions1.75 inches tall

Thickness3.5 mm

FinishAntique Silver / Shiny Gold

EnamelingSoft Enamel


Has IconYes

This is the regular edition coin of the December Geocoin Club Coin.

This coin was designed by Christian Mackey and inspired from the military challenge coin roots common to all geocoins. Before geocoins existed custom challenge coins were earned and collected by military units of countries all over the world.

Within the mililtary it worked like this: A challenge can be made at any time and begins with the challenger slapping or placing his/her coin on the table or bar. In noisy environments, continuously rapping the challenge coin on a surface may initiate the challenge. Anyone being challenged must immediately produce a coin and anyone failing to do so must buy a drink for the challenger. Should the person challenged successfully produce their coin, the challenger must buy them a drink.

There is also the traditional medieval challenge being the doffing of a gauntlet and the picking it up of the opposer. More recently we have challenge caches pushing the competitive spirit of cachers to extreme levels.

The GCC December coin brings all these concepts together into a single coin, being depicted as a gauntleted hand seizing the geocaching signal lightning bolts on the one side with Challenge Accepted in text. the reverse being a knight in armor barring passage with the words Non Shall Pass above and Without True Heart below.

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