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2006 Geocache Ohio Geocoin

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2006 Geocache Ohio

Dimensions2 inches tall, 4mm thick


FinishAntique Bronze

Enameling8 colors of synthetic, hard enamel


Has IconYes

It seems like lately the United States keeps waiting for Ohio and this is no exception. A design started in February or April finally made it to production and into the store before the year ran out.

This huge geocoin commemorating Ohio's historic canals and the geocaches along them is a great display piece in your collection. At 4mm thick, the ridges of Ohio's more hilly areas really stand up in contrast to the flat parts many are familiar with from traveling the interstates. is an organization that coordinates state-wide events and activities in Ohio. They will be selling a copper edition at events in Ohio in early 2007.

(Note that the Michganders out number the Buckeyes 2 to 1 in the Geocoin Store management, so there are no obvious references to someone's undefeated season.)
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